"When a young girl falls in love with a sweet and charming stranger, she soon finds out that her fairy tale doesn't lead to wonderland, but to a far more seedy underbelly of society."

Director : Nicole Bowers Wallace


“Ring of Silence” explores love, manipulation, betrayal, and exploitation. It captures the essence of victims whether male or female, city or rural, race, sexual identity, economic wealth, and the seemingly uninformed adults that are supposed to protect them. It shows how this world happens right in front of our eyes, and how the signs are lost in everyday life. One scene takes place at a Christmas party, where people are enjoying the celebrations while trafficking is happening in other rooms. It is a metaphor for society: trafficking happens in our local schools, local sports events, local truck stops and yet most of us are unaware. Worst of all, our teens are unaware."


- article by Nicole Bowers Wallace in She Files online Magazine

Ava Deluca-Verley : Known for The Way Way Back (2013), Growing Up Fisher (2014) and Ring of Silence (2018).

Brian J. O'Donnell : Known for Contagion (2011)

Brandon Butler : Known for 13 Reasons Why (2017)

Bella Shepard: Life in Pieces (2015) My Haunted House (2015) | Grace and Frankie(2018)

Daneisha Turnbull : Known as recording artist Neisha Neshae, Detroit's self-styled "Queen of R&B Trap" signed to a major label.

Jordan McKinley Hodges: Known for USA Boxing training with TMT (The Money Team), Hip-hop Artist, Actor, Philanthropist, residing in the Chicago area.

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